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    The Pros and Cons of a Penis Extender

    If you have a small penis, you have probably dealt with feelings of shame and inferiority for most of your life. You have also probably done your own research on effective methods of male enhancement. So, you should already know that the penis extender is one of the best solutions available. However, the real question is; where do I find the best penis extender?

    Penis ExtenderThe “penis extender” is sometimes called a penis stretcher or a penis traction instrument. It functions according to the principle of traction, which is an important part of things like orthopaedic treatment. In fact, orthopaedic practice is a good example, because it makes limbs work again using this principle of traction.

    The question is, why do our physical cells increase and expand when a carefully applied traction force is implemented? This kind of cell increase leads to rapid development of physical tissues. In the case of penis enhancement, the penis extender gives out a secure, controlled traction force across the whole organ. It supports cell expansion and healthy tissue development.

    There is lots of evidence to back up the benefits of penis extender devices too. A number of tests have been carried out, in Spain, which offer scientific proof of their positive impact. Plus, if you want to know how a penis extender can change lives, just read some of the testimonials on product websites and forums.

    For many guys, a penis extender offers the only scientifically proven way to enhance and increase the size of the genitals as they have exhausted alternative options like supplements and exercises. However, there are some downsides.

    The first is the cost, because penis extenders are not cheap. For a reasonably high quality device, you’re looking at anywhere between $200-400. This means that the tool won’t be viable for everybody. There are good quality penis extenders with slightly smaller price tags, but you’ll have to search hard to uncover them.

    Penis Extender Comfort StrapThe second issue is one of comfort. It is clearly going to be and feel unusual to wear a stretching tool on your genitals. And, it must be worn for at least three hours per day. The user needs to wear the stretcher every day, for at least eight weeks. If this does not happen, the device cannot offer the maximum impact. While wearing the penis extender can be strange at first, it is completely necessary.

    The good news is that most high quality devices come with a special “comfort strap”; This strap is designed to be wound around the penis, as a way to stop it chafing and getting sore. It makes wearing the stretcher for long periods of time much more comfortable.

    Now, you have a good idea of what buying and wearing a penis stretcher is like. You are also aware of some of the key advantages and disadvantages. If you are excited about buying a penis extender, do make sure to purchase one with a comfort strap.

    For those on a budget, there are several “no frills” and no nonsense devices out there. They don’t come with storage boxes or any of the additional features found with the more costly stretchers. But, if you buy one that is of a reasonable quality, the effect should be the same.