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Why Do Male Enhancement Patches Work?

These days, pharmaceutical patches are very common. And, they are used for lots of different medical functions. There are patches to help you quit smoking, to alleviate depression, to prevent pregnancy, and more. In fact, patches are fast becoming the method of choice for doctors, because they administer medicine fast and at the right time.

With a patch, there is no alteration to concentration, no nausea, and no nasty side effects for the stomach and digestive system. Also, they offer non-stop time released transport and an increased accuracy of blood levels for the targeted compounds. Pharmaceutical patches are simple to use and have a long lifespan.

It comes as no surprise then to find that many patches are now being invented and used to enhance sexual performance for men. Where male enhancement medicines were once only available in the form of pills and capsules, they are increasingly common as patches. This means that it is easier than ever to get great sexual performance, without turning to harsh chemicals.Penis Patch

Men all over the world have tried male enhancement patches to alleviate a variety of different problems. The most prominent desire is for a bigger penis, with the use of only natural ingredients. Most men also want longer erections, more reliable ejaculations, a higher sex drive overall, and a better, more powerful climax.

In order to get male enhancement patches on the market, scientists have had to carry out an amazing amount of research on transdermal pharmaceutical delivery. Patches transmit their active compounds directly into the skin and then on to the bloodstream, at a consistent but steady speed over an extended timeframe.

As the compounds do not have to pass through the stomach to work, they are much more powerful and give a higher quality ‘hit’;Plus, while tablets have to be taken repeatedly throughout the day, a patch is simply worn once, for a period of twenty four hours. It exhibits stable, non-changing volumes of the most powerful compounds.

These compounds are sent directly to the bloodstream, so there is no chance of unexpected fluctuations. Yet, there are still problems with this method. For one, high quality male enhancement patches are tricky to find. If you are on the lookout for a product like this, make sure that you read testimonials and reviews first. Try to buy from a medically recognised and highly regarded company.

The ingredients contained in male enhancement patches might include the following:

Gotu Kola: This is a nerve tonic designed to calm the body and brain. It supports healthy blood flow by strengthening veins and capillaries. It also helps with pain and inflammation and it eradicates surplus fluids.

Ginseng: Usually used to fight off tiredness and boost energy levels. Ginseng is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. It is used to combat non-medical impotence and early ejaculation. It helps to stabilise blood pressure and reinvigorate the whole body.


It supports the development of nerve tissue. One of the most important compounds contained in ginseng is ginsenoside; it regulates blood flow to the brain and genitals. It also encourages the production of blood and ejaculate. According to Russian scientists, ginseng is great for boosting physical and mental capacity. It boosts physical performance and has a positive impact on the sex organs.

Damiana: A sexual stimulant that improves performance. It functions as a tonic which reinvigorates the body overall, as well as reducing anxiety and supporting a healthy, balanced sense of self.

Saw Palmetto Berry: Great for boosting the health of sexual organs, for males and females. Saw palmetto berry is an aphrodisiac and a tonic. It lowers inflammation of the prostate and helps with the need to urinate too frequently. Many doctors advise it as a way to take care of the male reproductive organs.

Fo-Ti: This is also called ‘ho shou wu’ in China. Fo-Ti is used as a reinvigorating boost for the whole system and as a way to delay premature aging and grey hair. It is a plant which originated in China, but it is now grown across Japan and Taiwan.

It is thought to be a good way to sustain energy, power, and virility. There is some evidence to suggest that it might safeguard against cancer and heart disease as well. Fo-Ti has been used to enhance memory and help people suffering from depression. According to scientists, the plant has a very positive impact on sexual performance.