Who we are

Mitek Health is an independent entity dedicated to highlighting men’s health issues and promoting better health and health care for people of all genders, race and ages.

Our aim is to help develop a healthier male population, by creating high quality health information. We know what the most common issues affecting men are and so hope to inform men and give them the confidence to go into their local surgery and seek help rather than just suffer in silence. From conducting research and analysing health policies we hope to illuminate the world and create positive change.

Our aim moving forward


Our main areas of focus are:

  • Conducting health research
  • Creating a better world through overall health improvement

To achieve each of our goals we have plans in place; we aim to:

  • build new and improve existing skills and knowledge
  • develop and share research on what we have found to work and why.

Our ethos

  • We are an independent organisation that collaborates with numerous other organisations to influence greater change.